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UAENIP®-IT Details

Legal registered name: Pieter Mos B.V.
Registered trademarks: UAENIP®(-IT), FSOD.
Chamber of Commerce KVK: 56460929
Tax Identification Number: NL852136377B01.
Postal Address: UAENIP®-IT, Plesmanlaan 125, 2497 CG  THE HAGUE, The Netherlands.

Invoices and/or communications may be received from Pieter Mos B.V. and/or UAENIP®-IT.

UAENIP®-IT Trademark and logo

The UAENIP®-IT logo and brand name are registered trademarks of Pieter Mos B.V. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited. Any use without proper authorization may result in legal action. Please refrain from using the trademarks in any way that could cause confusion or misrepresentation. If you have any questions or need permission to use the marks, please contact us. Thank you for respecting the UAENIP®-IT intellectual property rights.

This is the registered UAENIP®-IT official logo: